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Oceanfront - Daily / Weekly - Lodging Sleeps 1-6 persons / Second Row Sleeps 1-4-8
2010 - Non-Smoking Establishment - 2010.  Proper State Identification Recording at Check-In - 2014
800-458-5752 or 910-458-5752   7:30am - 9:30pm EST
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 NOTE: Some Lodging establishments are Pet Ready! We aren't. 
 Use your favorite search engine to find them!

We run a family business, and yes we love pets, BUT we can not allow them to stay!

Many a good guests has asked,
 "Why want you allow our pet to stay with us in your apartments? 
They are part of our family and they sleep with our children!"

 That is a warm hearted question!  Pets, as close as they are, are a type of domesticated animal that has inspired the hearts of many a Man, Women and Child! 
One of my favorite Bible verses, 

                            2 Samuel 12:3 "...,and it's (ewe lamb) was like a daughter to him."  RSV

So hopefully you can see that we value pet life as a positive family bond!

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