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Oceanfront - Daily / Weekly - Lodging Sleeps 1-6 persons / Second Row Sleeps 1-4-8
2010 - Non-Smoking Establishment - 2010.  Proper State Identification Recording at Check-In - 2014
800-458-5752 or 910-458-5752   7:30am - 9:30pm EST
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   Kure Beach's restaurants are fantastic! 

From a simple plate of fresh scrambled eggs to a  steamed gourmet seafood dinner, Kure Beach has it!!  ABC permits per establishment**. All within a 3 block walking distance of the Blue Marlin Apartments. 
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Prime Ribs    Steaks    Crab Legs    Fish    Lobster   Oysters    Shrimp.*  In a Pasta Meal,  Steamed, Fried  or Grilled over a firere Grill.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Beach House Burgers 3

Big Daddy's Restaurant 1,2

Freddie's Italian Restaurant 1,2

Jack Mackerels 1,2

Kure Beach Dinner 1

1. Sea foods served  as the harvesting seasons permit. 2. ABC permits per establishment. 3. Take-out or outdoor dinning establishment.

Gilbert Alphin

800-458-5752             7:30 am- 10:30 pm

Blue Marlin Apartments
PO Box 101
Kure Beach, NC 28449