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TRUE unfortunate experiences from 1978 - 1984 when pets were allowed at the Blue Marlin Apartments.


  2.  Many of our guest's dogs bark, howl and/or yelp in the apartments while the family is out. Other guest complained.

  3. Cats are the best transporter of flees. The guest who rented a unit after host cat checked out, became the new food source for the resident flees. New guest demanded a full refund when their babies became covered with flees.

  4. One lady wanted to bring her so called, people-friendly, 2 and half foot long Hognose Snake inside our apartments.  An abandon or lost pets issue was out of the question!

  5. A puppy is a wonderful friend. But an eleven month old Great Dane left alone has wreaked havoc before. "Claw marks in new painted sheet rocked walls six feet up and down the walls."

  6. A $ 5.00 hamster ate holes in new carpet worth $ 3,000. Installed.

  7. Dogs by nature mark their "new" territory. The corners of beds, the kitchen table and chairs, they even mark the clean lacey cloth materials that hang down from the bed pillows.

  8. Animal droppings are not an incentive when it come to the aroma of the great out-doors. Salt air coming off the fresh Atlantic Ocean and pet urine are opposites. They do not attract the next guest.

  9. 98 % of all animals shed their hair on furniture, carpets, beds and in the bath tub.

  10. While on their family vacation, the fear of a strange place lead to the lost of two guest's family dog. The dog pulled and broke lose from its chain. Then ended up dead in the street in front of our store. This was two separate incidents. 

It can take days to line up a repair crew. Even though the drying time of fresh paint is less than four hours, it needs to harden at least 72 hours before it will not wipe off the walls, chairs and then onto guest clothes. Commercial carpet cleaners require days or weeks in advance notice before they can arrive to do a pet cleanup, plus it take 12- 18 hours for carpet to dry after a pet incident.

b HAPPY NOTE:     Brigitte, our poodle, was with us 18 happy years! While we went away on our business trips and vacations, she stayed at her favorite veterinarian's office. Back then I knew with whom and where she was staying. $5.00 per day was the fee charged. To her it was kind of like a bed & breakfast place. Besides, she got to see some neat pets that became her friends!

Thank you for understanding!

Gilbert and Karen Alphin

* Seeing-eye-dogs ARE ALLOWED for our challenged guest. These best friends are specially trained, cleaned and disciplined for a higher calling. Just ask your pet!